RF Scanning Procedure

1) Plug Cat 5 from laptop to rack unit (both should have automatic IP DHCP set)
2) Plug in and orientate all antenna and paddles/fins

3) Open Sennheiser Wireless Systems Manager (WSM) (any connected devices from step one should appear in ‘Systems Window Devices Tab’, typically (1) EM300-G3 device)

4) Under ‘System’ tab select ‘Offline Mode’

5) Under File tab ‘Open Configuration’ for the appropriate FOH Rack setup

6) Under ‘System’ tab select ‘Online Mode’

7) Select ‘Match Configuration to Device’ (top option), on popup window, Select ‘Finish’

8) Enable ‘Remote Access’ if prompted by popup, or enable manually via the ‘System’ tab

9) Under ‘Frequency Manager’ tab select ‘Professional Setup’, Professional Setup window will pop-up

10) In ‘Devices’ tab check the white box by a 300 device in scan column – usually VOX 1, except for Project FOH Rack use a G4 wide band device - Vox 3 or Vox 4

11) Be sure all transmitters including rack IEM’s are off or RF Muted. Networked IEMs will auto-mute

12) In ‘Devices’ tab press ‘Start Frequency Scan’, press ‘Continue’ on popup, wait for scan to complete

13) In ‘Frequencies/Bands’ tab press ‘Analyze Frequency Spectrum’, select ‘Override’ if prompted, wait for analyzation to complete

14) In ‘Coordination’ tab press ‘Start Coordination’, wait for about 8 to 10 sets to be coordinated in the left panel, then Pause Coordination

15) Select the Frequency Set in the left panel with the Highest IM Rating and least amount of Unusable frequencies (do not select ‘Current’)

16) In ‘Allocation’ tab press ‘Allocate Automatically’

17) In ‘Allocation’ tab press ‘Send to Connected Devices’ to automatically program network connected rack unit (usually only Vox 1)

18) Write down or snap a picture of Frequencies and manually program the rest of the rack units then sync all battery-powered/pack units

19) ‘Wargame’ and check that 1) all frequencies are clean in the environment with transmitters turned off and 2) not prone to intermodulation with transmitters turned on, use spare frequencies if necessary
If you wish to save your scan/setup Do Not Over Write the Band Templates! Use ‘Save As’
Configurations are stored in ‘RF Shows’ folder, with naming convention: Venue-Band-Date,
i.e. Adolphus-Motion-09-07-2017